Karimzadeh to take part in the technical session on CNP Fraud, ID Fraud

New York, August 15, 2022 – Vality Corporation, the unique software provider of authentication and verification technology, announced today that the company co-founder and President, Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh will take part in a panel at the upcoming MPC Mobile Conference on August 22 at the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North. MPC is known as the premier industry conference on mobile payments covering new mobile technologies, fraud issues, security systems etc.

Mansour A. Karimzadeh will be part of the panel discussing fraudulent CNP and ID transactions, their effects on users and what technologies are available to stop fraudulent activities.

“In the payment industry there is an immediate mega-problem with uncontrolled increase in fraud,” said Karimzadeh. “With the use of its new technology, Vality Corporation can provide solutions that mitigate both of these threats.”

The implementation of the Vality Dynamic Authentication software product offers a dynamic platform that can continuously change the credentials and keep the system one step ahead of hackers.


Vality Corporation is headquartered in New York (www.valitycorp.com). Vality has developed unique software for device authentication and user verification that give near certain results.

Vality Dynamic Authentication product is designed for use by ecommerce merchants, card issuers, Crypto exchanges, healthcare providers,  travel industry and gaming systems.; to detect and block fraudulent transactions before they are approved.


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