Vality’s solution helps stop CNP Fraud, and ID Fraud

New York, February 21, 2023 – Vality Corporation, the unique software provider of authentication and verification technology for securing payments and digital ID data elements, today announced its Vality Dynamic AuthenticationTM service to stop fraudulent transactions.

After significant R&D work and a sizeable number of industry/customer interviews, Vality is launching a high impact CNP and ID fraud reduction service. Now clients can protect against the growing Fraud Threats. This is Vality’s initial service offering, but other services are already in the R&D stage of production.

This Vality Dynamic AuthenticationTM service is a breakthrough and is additive to existing fraud reduction approaches that only stop about 50% of today’s fraud. Pilot discussions are underway with top merchants and top payment processors to employ this exciting new fraud prevention service.

“As a CNP example, the payment industry is facing immediate problems because of uncontrolled increase in fraud,” said Mansour A Karimzadeh, Vality co-founder and President: “Our Vality Dynamic Authentication brings to market a new level of technology to stop fraudulent activities”.

The implementation of the Vality Keyless AuthenticationTM service offers a platform that can continuously change the credentials and keep the system one step ahead of hackers and fraudsters. In addition, Vality can reduce ID fraud in other vortical markets.


Vality Corporation is headquartered in New York ( Vality is the unique software provider of device verification and user authentication software .

The Vality Dynamic AuthenticationTM service is designed for use by E-commerce merchants, card issuers and processors to detect and block fraudulent payment transactions before they are approved. The VDA solution can also be adopted for ID fraud in Banking, Travel, Healthcare, Crypto and Gaming markets.

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