• Merchants, Card Issuers, Processors and Card Networks

Who need …

  • To fight fast-growing credit/debit/prepaid card payment fraud, card information hacking, card theft, account takeover, false positives, and other fast-growing threats
  • To deploy a more effective technology because the success of EMV chip cards to mitigate card-present fraud at POS terminals has resulted in fraud migrating to CNP transactions..

Introducing Vality Keyless AuthenticationTM

  • That uses new technologies to create a two-dimensional data set that allows detection of card information leakage, data breaches, with real time fraud detection during eMerchant user/card authentication and Issuer payment authorization

That Offers..

  • End-to-end fraud detection across all types of card transactions and all channels to expose and mitigate all CNP fraud


  • Sophisticated solutions like encryption, tokenization or big data analytics can only successfully prevent some of the fraud – Vality Keyless Authentication can prevent the rest.
  • Vality Keyless Authentication works with current security methods to prevent the fraud they miss; and since it is not based on encryption, it is not vulnerable to cyber and future quantum computing attacks.