Our Mission

Vality Corporation was formed to commercialize unique technologies that provide innovative solutions in mitigating cybercrimes by offering new ways of detecting and stopping fraudulent activities.

Our products are based on novel technologies that are unique in the way they enhance current technologies.

These technologies apply to financial transactions, communications networks, digital currency, emergency money, cyber messaging etc.

To commercialize any of these technologies it takes much time and effort and needs an understanding of not only these complex technologies but the use cases and knowledge of the market it is intended for. Our team of experienced architects and designers work on these technologies with outstanding designs that deliver software products that are paradigm changers in their own fields.

Our first product was designed to stop fraud generated in Card Not Present/eCommerce transactions, called Vality Keyless Authentication. The gap we’re talking about is $7 billion today and based on current trends projected to quickly grow to $18 billion and higher. By creating a software platform that can detect fraudulent transactions before they occur. Vality Keyless Authentication can virtually eliminate the rising problem of CNP payments fraud.

Our 2DFD technology is designed not only to stop CNP fraud but also to combat card information hacking, identity theft, account takeover, false positives, and other fast-growing threats.