Two Dimensional Data Stops Payment Card Fraud for CNP Transactions using Quantum Computing Safe Techniques

Vality Corporation was established to commercialize technologies based on Quantum Randomness that provide protection against Quantum Computing attacks making these solutions Quantum Computing Safe.

With our first offering, Vality brings to the financial payments markets a software platform that protects eMerchants, issuers and users. The Vality platform server can reside at emerchant’s or issuer’s PAN database without modifying any of the currently running security software on these authentication/authorization platforms. Our software is based on an innovative technology that can be used to prevent most types of card payment fraud, particularly Card Not Present (CNP) fraudulent activities.

Vality’s software platform protects and secures payment transactions for all stakeholders in the transaction’s path. It stops CNP fraud, protects the eMerchant and issuer card database against breaches, guards consumer’s smartphone against hacks, shields the eCommerce merchant against false declines and protects issuers and merchants against account takeovers. In addition, the software provides a platform to defend against Quantum Computing attacks in the near future.